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Special Needs Resource List San Diego

Special Needs Resource List San Diego

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San Diego Family Magazine publishes Flourishing Families, the annual special needs resource guide for families and agencies in San Diego County. It is a comprehensive list of behavior, education and health resources located in San Diego County and beyond.

Use the digital issue of Flourishing Families 2017 to access these valuable resources on your iPad, tablet or mobile phone.


Quick Links for Resources that Support Specific Disabilities and Diagnoses

ADD/ADHD  |  Autism  |  Blindness  |  Brain and Spinal Injuries  |  Cerebral Palsy  |  Cystic Fibrosis  |  Deaf/Hearing Impairment  |  DiGeorge Syndrome/VCFS/22Q 11.2 Deletion  |  Diabetes  |  Down Syndrome  |  Dyslexia  |  Epilepsy  |  Fragile X  |  Guillain-Barre Syndrome  |  HIV/AIDS  |   Jacobsen Syndrome/11Q  |  Lupus  |  Muscular Dystrophy  |  Spinal Cord Injuries  |  Tourette Syndrome  |  Miscellaneous


Quick Links for Resource Listing by Area of Need

Adaptive Equipment, Assistive Technology and Purposeful Play  |  Advocacy  |  Assessment and Evaluation  |  Audiology/Hearing  |  Behavioral and Mental Health  |  Camps and Enrichment Programs  |  Clothing  |  College and the Adult Transition  |  Conflict Resolution/Mediation  |  Dental Health  |  Developmental Delay  |  Education  |  Financial Planning/Family Self-sufficiency  |  Foster Care  |  General Health  |  Genetics Counseling/Prenatal Screening  |  Hair Salons  |  Home Improvement/Healthy Environments  |  Housing and In-Home Support Services  |   Inclusion  |  Independent Living  |  Infant/Toddler Specific  |  Integrative Approach to Therapies  |  Learning Disabilities  |  Military Specific  |  Music Therapy  |  Neuro Products  |  Nutrition/Feeding/Home Health Products  |  Occupational Therapy  |  Parent and Family Resources  |  Party Planning and Special Events  |  Photography and Artistic Services  |  Physical Therapy  |  Research Study Participation  | Recreation  |  Respite/Childcare/Skilled Nursing  |  Safety  |  Social Skills Programs  |  Speech and Language  |  Therapeutic Riding Programs/Hippotherapy  |  Therapy Dogs/Canine Service Organizations  |  Vision Health  |  Vocational Training and Employment Options  |  Worship  |  Yoga  |  Miscellaneous Organizations

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