bouncy-bandsBouncy Bands
For Desks $12.95; for Chairs $11.95
Designed to install quickly and allow children a way to bounce their feet and stretch their legs while they work quietly in class. Teachers love how they help students release their extra energy, anxiety, frustration and just boredom. Children with special needs especially love Bouncy Bands since they often have even greater anxiety, stress, frustration, and energy in class—but they often don’t know how to get any relief. These students are able to stay focused longer in class and perform much better on tests, where they finally have a way to release their test anxiety while they work.

little-balance-boxLittle Balance Box
This is a great product for children with special needs because it gives them stability and support moving into each new stage on-the-go. The floating feet allow the box to seamlessly glide across carpet, tile or wood without damaging the surfaces. It has a clear drum top so children can observe their feet through it. The clear polycarbonate top makes percussive sounds when a child taps or hits it, teaching cause and effect.

squatchiSquatchi Shoe Sizer
Squatchi has become a favorite of parents and children living with special needs. Squatchi makes footsizing an at-home activity that happens when children are most receptive and ready. Ideal for children with sensory sensitivities or anxiety around crowds. With Squatchi, parents and children are saved extra stress while turning what can be a disastrous activity at the mall into a bonding activity in the home.

Doohickies is a no-tie shoelace replacement that transforms any shoe into a slip-on while adding a unique dash of style. Unlike traditional laces, Doohickies lacing system makes loose laces a thin of the past, while it’s unique color combinations add style to your sneakers.

hugglepod-hangoutNylon Canvas Hugglepod HangOut with LED Lights
The HangOut is roomy enough for kids to climb inside and hang out. With three porthole-style windows, a Velcro flap door and a plump removable cushion that’s stuffed with recycled polyfill, it makes a comfy spot to play, read, or listen to music. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, it’s made of heavy-duty 100 percent nylon canvas and includes a reinforced metal ring for suspension. Holds up to 250 pounds total weight.